Air fryers have become a staple in modern kitchens due to their convenience and healthier cooking options. They use hot air circulation to cook food that would traditionally be dunked in oil. The result is crispy food without the excess fat.

Investing in an air fryer could be a step towards healthier, easier, and more environmentally friendly cooking. The upfront cost is often quickly offset by the benefits it brings to your kitchen and lifestyle.


Danny Ebbage

Hi, Im Danny, a full time online marketer, a dad and as much time as i can … a foodie enthusiast. From curries to cakes, I love cooking and sharing my journey of the wins and fails of my cooking experience. From creating classic pies to putting my own twist on classic dishes.

Air fryers have become to the go to modern day kitchen appliance and I just love to use mine when I can. I dive into air fryers recipes and report back on the differences of using an air fryer vs conventional classic oven cooked methods.

Since starting this blog, I have had many food enthusiasts contact me wishing to share their recipes with the world, which I have obliged by opening up the blog to other creative and passionate budding cooks!


COSORI Air Fryer Oven, 3.5L, Model CO137-AF& CP137-AF

Original price was: £97.98.Current price is: £87.98.

I recently got my hands on the COSORI Air Fryer Oven and I am absolutely blown away! With its rapid air circulation and powerful 1500W motor, it cooks food evenly and quickly. The 3.5L air fryer basket is a great size and the nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, it’s PFOA-free and BPA-free, so I can enjoy guilt-free cooking. Trust me, this sleek white and black appliance is a game-changer in the kitchen!

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Tower T17023 Vortx

Original price was: £44.99.Current price is: £37.95.

I recently got my hands on the incredible Tower T17023 Vortx Manual Air Fryer Oven and let me tell you, it has totally transformed my cooking game! With its rapid air circulation and 30-minute timer, I can whip up delicious, crispy treats in no time. Plus, the sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen. Cooking has never been more exciting!

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Tower T17086 Vortx 5 in 1 Air Fryer and Grill with Crisper, 5.6L, Black

Original price was: £139.99.Current price is: £89.99.

I recently discovered the Tower T17086 Vortx 5 in 1 Air Fryer and Grill with Crisper, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! This sleek and powerful kitchen gadget not only air fries, but also grills, roasts, bakes, and even dehydrates food. With its generous 5.6L capacity and the perfect balance of simplicity and versatility, it has become my go-to appliance for creating mouthwatering dishes with less oil. Say goodbye to greasy guilt and hello to healthier, delicious meals!

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Tower, T17126MSH, Vortx Air Fryer with Manual Controls, 1500W, 3.8L, Latte

Original price was: £59.99.Current price is: £51.92.

As a dedicated lover of all things crispy and delicious, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I discovered the Tower T17126MSH Vortx Air Fryer! With its 1500W power and 3.8L capacity, this Latte beauty is a game-changer in my kitchen. And the best part? Its manual controls let me have complete control over my culinary creations. Get ready for a taste sensation like no other!

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Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer – XL Family 7.4L


I recently discovered the Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer and it has completely revolutionized my cooking experience! With its XL 7.4L non-stick basket and two frying drawers, I can cook different dishes at the same time. The 6 cooking pre-sets and digital LED touch display make it so easy to use. And the Sync & Match function is a game-changer! It’s powerful, efficient, and the perfect addition to my kitchen. I can’t wait to try out all the delicious recipes I’ve been dreaming of!

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Klarstein AeroVital Cube Hot Air Fryer

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Having the Klarstein AeroVital Cube Hot Air Fryer in my kitchen has been a game-changer! With its powerful 1600W motor and 12L volume, I can prepare delicious low-fat meals in no time. The 13 programmes and 3 functions make it easy to experiment with different dishes, while the digital display keeps everything under control. Plus, the heat-resistant housing ensures safety and durability. Say goodbye to oily cooking, and embrace the exciting world of healthy and tasty frying with this modern and sleek black air fryer!

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COSORI Air Fryer 4.7L, 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryer

Original price was: £99.99.Current price is: £59.99.

I recently discovered the COSORI Air Fryer 4.7L, and let me tell you, it has revolutionized my cooking game! With its 9-in-1 functions and 30 tasty recipes, I can whip up delicious meals with ease. The digital display and max 230℃ setting make it a breeze to use. Plus, it’s so quiet! Perfect for serving up to 4 portions. I’m excited to unleash my inner chef with this powerful 1500W air fryer!

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COSORI Air Fryer 5.5L

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first tried the COSORI Air Fryer 5.5L! With its dual knob control and 60-minute timer, cooking has never been easier. The nonstick basket makes it perfect for healthy, oil-free cooking. Plus, the 30 recipes in the included cookbook keep every meal exciting. Say goodbye to greasy food and hello to a new level of deliciousness with this 1700W wonder!

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